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Grim Dawn Bastion of Chaos Location
Where in Grim Dawn is the Bastion of Chaos
Where is Bastion of Chaos Grim Dawn

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Bastion of Chaos – Areas – Grim Dawn World Map

Bastion of Chaos – Areas – Grim Dawn World Map.

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Date Published: 6/7/2022

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Act 4 Challenge Dungeon Bastion of Chaos – Dm Gaming

Bastion of Chaos … To access this dungeon, take the Necropolis interior and go north. Build the brge and enter the red rift. Once in the stronghold, go north.

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Date Published: 10/16/2022

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Bastion of Chaos in Veteran or straight to Elite? : r/Grimdawn

… first playthrough of Grim Dawn. What I want to know is, after the end of the game, should I still try and complete this Bastion of Chaos …

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Date Published: 8/23/2021

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Grim Dawn How to get to the Bastion of Chaos
Grim Dawn How to get to the Bastion of Chaos

주제에 대한 기사 평가 grim dawn bastion of chaos

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Where is bastion of chaos Grim Dawn?

The Bastion of Chaos is a world area in Act 4 and forms part of the Chthonic Void. The area is accessed via a Chthonic Rift, located in the northernmost part of the Necropolis Interior, beyond the Necropolis Bridge Repair Site. Levels 2 to 4 make up one of Grim Dawn’s sealed “Roguelike” Challenge Dungeons.

Where is ancient grove Grim Dawn?

The Ancient Grove is a world area in Act 5 with the entrance located in the southeast corner of Ugdenbog. The area has three sections, with the last two comprising one of Grim Dawn’s sealed Challenge Dungeons.

How do you get out of ashen waste in Grim Dawn?

The player cannot cast a personal rift while in the Ashen Waste and must find another Chthonic Rift (also randomised) to exit. This area includes an item Runed Stone of Mogdrogen for Rhowari Legacy quest.

Where is the pulsating Obsidian Shard?

GTA: The Criminal Enterprises – The Loop

“The shard of obsidian pulses with dark power.” Pulsating Obsidian Shard is a quest item required for the Black Heart of the Void quest. It drops from Galar’Bargok in the Bastion of Chaos.

How do you get to Ugdenbog?

After you’ve reached the new Ashes Of Malmouth area, kill the giant Carraxus beast in the underground segment of Gloomwald to take his heart. Offer up the heart and Creed’s pendant to the witches at Coven’s Refuge, and then you can finally get into Ugdenbog.

Where is Sylvarria?

Sylvarria, Queen of the Undergrowth, a boss creature, is found in The Undergrowth, an underground area with an unmarked entrance that can spawn in 3 different locations around Ugdenbog. Return to Garradia after defeating it for the reward.

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How do I get to feral thicket?

The Feral Thicket is a Challenge Dungeon in Act 5 and is accessed from the Ancient Grove. A Skeleton Key is required to open the gate to the Feral Thicket. The area has a +4/5/5 monster level offset. The Trial of Corruption is an Aether corrupted area located in the southwest area of the Feral Thicket.

Where is Ugdall?

The Tomb of Ugdall is an underground area in Act 5 It has one entrance located in the Northern part of Ugdenbog, south east of the Barrowholm rift.

Act 4 Dungeon Bastion of Chaos


In a few words

Below is the main info of this dungeon:

This dungeon brings a lot of experience and is doable at medium level (without set endgame)

You can “abuse” the dungeon by only opening the crystal barriers at the last minute

Watch out for spawn of creeps that can send multiple waves

This dungeon is particularly long, allow around 1 hour

The maps are as follows: Bastion of chaos, “skeleton key”, Discord, Anarchy, Entropy

Bastion of Chaos

To access this dungeon, take the Necropolis interior and go north. Build the bridge and enter the red rift. Once in the stronghold, go north. On the road you will find a devotional shrine.

At the end of the map will be Balok’Anatu, Bloodfiend, consider the kite if your equipment is not at the top. It is rather slow and with a rather limited range. Use your skeleton keys to go to the first part of the dungeon.

Be careful not to die during the Bastion route because you cannot tp in this area!


The first part is pretty straightforward, go ahead and kill whatever gets in your way. Towards the end of the dungeon, you will have three successive rooms with spawn of creeps and elites. Be careful to kite well and not to take all the aggro all at once so as not to die! This is also the most important experience point, consider activating your Clarity Potion if you haven’t already.

The last room is the most difficult, containing the most powerful elite. Once you have killed him, take the chest which will also give you an achievement if this is your first instance. Continue to join Anarchy


The path of Anarchy is quite linear, you will only have to follow the described loop. Go through a first large room with Lagoth’Ak, Harbinger of Blood, not particularly complicated but which makes illusions a bit disturbing! Make sure you’re aiming for the right one. Continue to the merchant to buy any blueprints. On the left will be the boss of a quest, if you have already done it you can ignore this area.

Do the shrine if you can and continue the dungeon to move on to the next Entropy area.


Courage, more than a level to complete this dungeon! There is no particular point of interest, go north towards the boss Karros Adal – Wares of the Damned. This boss is killable even without equipment, as long as you stay away from him at all times. It is slow enough for endless kitesurfing, but watch out for its formidable attacks (fire / chaos / vitality).

If you don’t have any equipment you can kill it by taking your time, as long as you don’t make a mistake in the placement (level 90 I spent 10 minutes to put it mid-life and I rip , but with good concentration it works!). Consider taking a break or a glass of water before entering your room!

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